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Hot Bumper Cars for Sale:

Battery Bumper Cars

Battery Bumper Cars

As a top bumper car manufacturer in China, Beston dedicates to provide the best quality battery powered bumper cars for the market. Appearance, power supply, settings and so on are all customizable. Remote control, easy to transport, lower in cost and suitable for various sites.
Electric Bumper Cars

Electric Bumper Cars

We are the leading electric bumper cars manufacturer in China - Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd. We are doing well in all types of bumper cars' manufacturing. We keep on developing new relative technologies of dodgem bumper cars for the amusement rides market.
Indoor Dodgem Bumper Cars

Indoor Dodgem Bumper Cars

Beston indoor bumper cars are so popular for the unlimited feature of areas and weather. Beston has supplied various indoor bumper cars for the amusement parks all over the world for many years and is your best business partner. Top and professional manufacturer and supplier of indoor dodgem cars!
Inflatable Bumper Cars

Inflatable Bumper Cars

Inflatable bumper cars surrounded by the inflatable PVC material determine that when you drive your dodgem car to crash into the other ones, you are more safe but feeling more exciting. The inflatable PVC material will absorb much more energy and gives you a better experience.

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Main Types of Bumper Cars in Beston:

cheap kiddie bumper cars for sale in China

Amusement park kiddie electric bumper cars for sale

The first thing of many children is to seek for amusement park bumper cars when they are at the amusement ...
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Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd is one of the famous amusement battery bumper car manufacturers. We design and produce all kinds ...
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electric cars for sale for kids

Electric bumper cars for sale

Beston is a top bumper car manufacturer which is famous for its high-quality products, we are professional in making all kinds ...
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best indoor remote control car

Indoor Bumper Cars for Sale

Get a Free Quote The advantages of indoor bumper cars are obvious: they are not influenced by the weather and ...
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Mini Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

Get a Free Quote The traditional bumper cars has not fully meet the market need for the diversity of bumper ...
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Electric dodgem car for sale

Every child has a dream--play with dodgem bumper cars all day.  According to the research of the most popular funfair ...
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Beston spin zone bumper cars sales cheap in China

Spin Zone Bumper Cars for Sale

For creating more fun, the leading bumper car manufacturer--Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd. developed a new type of bumper car ...
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inflatable tracks for bumper car for sale

Inflatable bumper cars for sale

Today, one of the famous amusement bumper car manufacturers--Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd develops a new kind of cheap bumper ...
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Portable Bumper Cars for Sale

Portable bumper cars, as its name shows, are easy to transport from one place to another and have less requirements ...
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ice bumper cars international

Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

Beston ice bumper cars for sale are leading the trends of the ice rink bumper car market and have been widely ...
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