Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale

Amusement park bumper cars can be seen in almost all the amusement places, such as theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, family entertainment centers. Many adults and children are playing this rides because it is not only suitable for adults, which is full of excitement, but also for children, let the children experience the feeling of driving in their own direction. What’s more, even in front of major supermarket or shopping malls, we can see the bumper cars. It’s likely to be very popular amusement rides, so if you want to play, you’ll need to line up. Therefore, it is a kind of profitable investment.

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Where to Buy Amusement Park Bumper Cars?

Our company, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer in china, produces various kinds of bumper car rides. Kids and adults can play it on any smooth and flat ground, such as concrete floor. Besides, riders can play the bumper cars with beautiful lights on the water or on ice. Our company has a high reputation and absolute quality of service, and we will provide you with the most competitive prices, because we have our own factory, and you do not need pay more for the middle man. And mostly important, we can customize the amusement park bumper cars to meet all customers’ requirements. And we can design different types of bumper cars and there must be one model which can satisfy you. At the same time, we can provide you with the best quality products and our qualified engineers will give you great help at any time.

picture of a bumper car
Beston Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale

fairground bumper cars sale
Quality Fairground Dodgems for Sale in Beston

ice bumper cars international
Beston Battery Bumper Cars on Ice for Sale

battery operated inflatable bumper cars for sale.
Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars in Russia

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Ge to Know Different Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston:

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

Electric operated bumper car is divided into two categories: ceiling grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper car. Both these two bumper cars need special pitches to help them run.

ceiling net electric dodgem car manufacturer
Besrton Ceiling Grid Electric Bumper Cars

best selling electric bumper car rides in Beston - top bumper car supplier
Quality Ceiling Grid Electric Bumper Cars in Beston

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Ceiling grid bumper cars: it is a power supply network formed by combining strip-shaped conductors, which is a large enough insulation board with a plurality of conductive strips arranged on opposite sides of the conductive strips. The conductivity of each of the conductive strips of the bars are each connected to the same name of the power supply in the appropriate way. Bumper car activities using this power supply methods of the venue, the ground need not shop steel, can be directly used ordinary ground.

top electric net bumper car rides manufacturer
Beston Ground Gird Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

Quality Electric Operated Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston
Buy Electric Bumper Cars in Beston – Floor Net

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Ground grid bumper car: as the name suggests, it uses the ground conduction to promote the bumper car to run. As a kind of kids amusement rides, ground net bumper car is a most popular at home and abroad. It is the most shocking new “ground bumper car”, which supplies two electrodes are on the floor. Visitors on the dodgem bumper cars can personally drive, turn left, turn right, rub, touch, very hard to detect, very exciting. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the ground bumper car is connected with the floor, directly through the conductive devices connected together, which does not look very obvious, but also relatively poor recognition.

Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery operated bumper cars are rechargeable, and do not require special venues to work properly. Battery operation of bumper cars is quite simple, which is suitable for children to play.

battery bumper car manufacturers
Beston Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

battery operated bumper car carnival ride
Buy Battery Powered Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Which Kind fo Bumper Cars Are you Looking for? Check here!

Main Characteristics of Beston Battery Powered Bumper Cars:

  • It covers small areas and there is no limit to the floor, which can be used in including concrete grounds, ice grounds even more.
  • It is easy to transport and operate, which is convenient.
    As there is no need to set up the special floor, the investment is lower, which mean investors can get quick return.
  • The environmental protection fiberglass reinforced plastic products, which is produced by a forming, and iron electrostatic spray painting,
  • It is equipped with advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing function, etc.,
  • The color is gorgeous, and the painting do not fade, which has the advantages of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability,
  • The bumper cars in Beston Group have characteristics of beautiful, attractive, novel styles, and higher safety performance, which can be widely applied to different amusement parks, kids playground, family entertainment center, shopping malls.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

ufo inflatable bumper cars manufacturer
Beston Inflatable Bumper Car Rides for Sale

quality inflatable bumper cars for sale
Beston UFO Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

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The inflatable bumper cars require no special floors or ceilings, too. They can run onto almost all kinds of surfaces like general ground, concrete, wood and so on. And for most of children, the special and nice appearance of inflatable bumper cars makes them have a good experience. Inflatable bumper cars are surrounded by the inflatable PVC material. Because of the surrounded materials, when you drive dodgem cars to crash into the other ones, you are safer but feeling more exciting.

In addition, Inflatable bumper cars in Beston has the advantages of various models to choose from, reasonable price and higher quality and also easy operation and maintenance, which makes it widely seen in parks or malls.

Water Bumper Cars for Sale

Electric Water Bumper Boats for Sale in Beston
BAR-A1 Beston Electric Bumper Boats for Sale

water bumper fun boat price lists
BAR-A1 Electric Water Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Motorized Water Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston
BAR-B1 Motorized Water Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Motorized Water Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston
BAR-B1 Beston Motorized Bumper Boats for Sale

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Water bumper cars or bumper boats are very popular for those who love water parks and other water activities. There are two main different kinds of water bumper cars. One kind is inflatable water bumper cars which is suitable for inflatable swimming pools. The other kind is fiberglass water bumper cars or large water bumper cars that could be used for large ground swimming pools or the pond in the water parks. When the summer is coming, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter, water bumper cars will be more and more popular.

Laser Bumper Boats for the Pools in Beston
BAR-C1 Beston Laser Water Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Laser Tag Water Bumper Cars with the Reasonable Prices
BAR-C2 Laser Bumper Boats for Sale

Laser Mine Water Bumper Cars Price Lists
BAR-D1 Laser Mine Bumper Boat for Sale

Laser Mine Bumper Boats in professional manufacturer
Laser Mine Water Bumper Cars in Beston

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How Much Does a Bumper Car Cost?

Price of bumper cars in Beston are varying according to different models and types. However, our company has been constantly updating our technology and improving our innovation capability, thus making our products better and cheaper.

Materials we use are of high quality, in other words, high quality products mean low cost maintenance and maintenance, which greatly reduces the cost of use and extends the service life. Apart from cost-effective materials, we also learn advanced technology from abroad constantly. Modern technologies we have learnt are combined with our own unique skills, which can produce high quality products in our own factory. Therefore, producing cost is reduced accordingly.

The safety of Bumper Cars:

  1. The purpose of riding a bumper at most amusement parks is to hit other bumper cars. To prevent damaging and protecting drivers on bumper cars, we use large rubber bumpers to frame on the outside of the bumper frame.
  2. Besides, the bumper cars are also equipped with the seat safety belt, which can guarantee the safety of passengers and make riders play happily.
  3. The size of the bumper car arena and the design of the cars itself also limit the speed at which the car can travel to maintain low inertia.
    When two bumper cars collide, the large bumper absorbs power, leaving the occupants feeling a change in inertia; this sudden jolt provides a safe stimulus for the bumper car driver and passengers.

Strength of Beston Amusement – Professional Manufacturer:

Maybe you are still hesitate what to buy, where to buy, and how to buy. And it it better to take action right now and check our website to know more about Beston amusement, different rides in Beston, service in Beston, etc.. You will never regret to take few hours, days, weeks to get to know Beston.

Now all products in Beston are exported to more than 100 countries and areas, such as Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Philippine, Brazil, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, etc., thirty countries of which had dominate the local markets. In order to build new pattern of cross-border e-commerce and achieve localization services, five branch companies and LBS centers in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka were founded, which are convenient to supply full range of services to our customers. has established 8 service networks including more than 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. They all unified manage and deployment by the specialized agencies-Customer service center, and establish a detailed customer files.


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