Reliable Bumper Car Bodies For Sale

For all the bumper cars, the bumper car bodies are very important. Bumper cars crash everyday, so a high-strength bumper car body determines the service time of a bumper car. And for the vintage bumper car enthusiast, the primary point concerns them is whether the vintage bumper car body is like Lusse bumper car body or not.

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As the leading bumper car manufacturer, Beston supplies high-strength bumper car bodies for sale which are made of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer/Plastic). FRP is a kind of materials much better than the steel.

Advantages of FRP:

1. Elastic Modulus: smaller than steel (account for about 25%-75% of steel’s)

2. Thermal Expansion Coefficient: near with concrete’s

3. Tensile Strength: far more better than steel, two times more than the high-strength steel at least.

4. Weight: lower than steel (account for about 20% of steel’s)

If you have old/broken bumper car bodies to be replaced or if you want a vintage bumper car body(to purchase batches is also available), please CONTACT US, all the bumper car bodies can be customized!


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