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For knowing well about bumper cars, something should be clarified: bumper cars is actually a amusement dodgem system. The system can be divided into three different types. For the battery bumper cars, the syetem consists of several bumper cars and enclosures. For the ceiling grid bumper cars, the syetem consists of several bumper cars, enclosures, a special customized ceiling and a special customized floor. For the ground power grid bumper cars, the syetem consists of several bumper cars, a special customized floor and enclosures.

As a frequently used product in bumper car system, the dodgem rides crash a lot everyday, crashing causes wear and tear, even the high-strength bumper car bodies and rubber bumpers can not withstand all the way, in order to run the system, we need add some new cars or some other bumper car parts for sale instead of the old ones after years, especially for the bumper car bodies.

Beston supplies everything you need

Our company, Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd, established in the 1980’s. During the heydays of dodgems in China, our company developed so fast that we absorbed all the advanced technologies and we created many new types of bumper cars. After the fierce competition in bumper car manufacturing field, lots of bumper car manufacturers was eliminated, but Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd became a top bumper car manufacturer in China.

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