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A customer in Kyrgyzstan bought several sets of battery bumper cars for sale from Beston factory. Our customer has a good feedback of this battery powered bumper cars. They sent us some photos and videos of these bumper cars to our sales manager. Besides, they also sent their thanks and showed their appreciation on sales manager’s WhatsApp: “мы получили машинки, и уже отправил в деревню! Спасибо большое вам!“. Want to buy different types of battery bumper cars? Please contact us with your contact information and your requirements in details! Beston supplies various types of bumper car rides from our factory to customers worldwide with competitive prices, such as electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, ice bumper cars, mini bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars, etc.. Please do not hesitate to contact us and leave us an inquiry here right now!

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