Considerations of Choosing to Buy Bumper Cars

Bumper cars, as a kind of entertainment for kids, are welcomed by a broad masses of the people. It is fairly interesting and thrilling and is favored by all age groups, from the little kids to the old. Especially, the big-size bumping cars accommodating two riders are more welcomed. It not only can effectively strengthen the parent-child interaction and their feelings, but also can enrich the entertainment lifestyle among families, friends, classmates and lovers. It is commonly seen that this game is the most densely populated area in the parks and there are a vast amount of visitors waiting in queue before this equipment. And we must admit the fact that bumper cars are an excellent project to invest in. Do you have interests? If so, you can contact us to get more details! And here Beston group will teach you how to purchase the most suitable bumper cars for your park and what to take into consideration when buying bumper cars?

1. Site selection. Site is a necessary element to consider when choosing to buy fairground dodgem cars. The bumper car rides differ in the models and styles in the market, so the space required is different. Choose the bumper cars according to your site. If the area is smaller, choose the small and medium size. And if the floor area is large enough, it is better to choose a blend of different sizes to increase the diversity. Beston Company can supply 3 different sizes: kid size, medium size for adult and large size for one kid and one adult.
2. Appearance. Customers should confirm whether the materials are qualified, whether the shape is beautiful, whether the painting is perfect, whether the color is attractive, etc. Choose carefully to make sure that you can choose the superior quality products at competitive prices. Beston will never let you down!
3. Power. Customers must find out that the power of the bumper cars, the quality of the electric motor, the service life of the battery, the operating time, and the using time of bumper cars and so on.
4. Control system of bumper cars. The circuit board is just the brain to human being and the CPU to a computer. It is of great importance to the whole equipment. It is the control system of the dashing cars, which we should pay much more attention to it. It determines the failure probability and security of the bumper cars. Do not neglect it!
5. Safe performance. The passenger flow of bumper cars is very large and most of the passengers are kids. And the safe performance of the kids is just the guarantee of the children’s safety. Please inspect carefully whether the frame, the control box, the cars and the bumper strip are designed scientifically.
6. The speed of bumper cars. Investors must take the speed into account when buying bumper cars. As we all know, the higher the speed is, the greater the impact force is. Therefore, it is not very safe for drivers when the speed is too big. Though the speed can be controlled for the adults, we should take everything into account. It is wise to choose the bumper cars which the speed is adjustable. Drivers can speed up or slow down as their willingness. There are different types of bumper cars in Beston amusement and the speed can be adjusted to meet all customers’ demands.
7. Brand. It is obvious that brand always is the representative of a factory’s strengthen. However, it is not very easy to get the good image which is universally acknowledged. After experiencing many years’ development and advancement, Beston group has been a well-known manufacturer and supplier in amusement equipment industry and exported amusement rides in many countries. Besides, Beston help our customers design and build theme parks according to their requirements around the world. Therefore, Beston Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy brand in this field.
8. After-sales services. Choose the regular manufacturers when choosing to purchase the bumper cars. And the regular manufacturer can guarantee the after-sales services. But some factory just want to sell their products to pursuit the benefits and neglect the product quality and after-sales service. Beston group thinks highly of all our customers and their orders. Most of our customers trust Beston group and make their orders several times in our company.

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At the moment, bumper cars are just the boom season and it is the time to make your order now! And if you have some plans, please contact us and we will suggest you the most suitable bumper cars! Beston offers various bumper cars for customers to choose, including: electric powered bumper car, battery operated bumper car, inflatable bumper cars, kiddie bumper cars, mini bumper cars, indoor bumper cars, spin zone bumper cars, foot pedal bumper cars, hand lever type bumper cars, steering wheel bumper cars and so on.

Besides, do not look down upon small habits and neglect the potential safety hazard when riding bumper cars and experiencing the thrilling and interesting. There are some matters to pay attention to guarantee the safety and the followings are some commonly seen issues needing attention.

1. Make your body lean back as far as possible and fasten your safety belts to avoid the accidents when driving on the bumper cars.
2. Hold the steering wheel tightly with your hands and keep your body stable.
3. It is forbidden to put your hands outside the cars, which can prevent colliding by other cars.
4. Kids must be accompanied by the parents to ride the bumper cars.


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