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Beston is a top bumper car manufacturer which is famous for its high-quality products, we are professional in making all kinds of bumper cars including electric bumper cars, indoor bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars and more.

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Ground Net Bumper Cars for Sale

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Electric Powered Bumper Cars for Sale

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Brief introductions on electric bumper cars:

The electric bumper cars for sale can be divided into three categories below:

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carnival rides bumper cars

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1. Battery bumper cars

The battery dodgems are adaptable to all kinds of grounds (including concrete grounds, ice grounds even more), flexible operation. Batteries provide power for electric bumper car and all the devices form a complete circuit in the bumper car body.

The battery powered bumper car can be divided into inflatable bumper car and rubber-bumper bumper car.

2. Ceiling grid bumper cars

The ceiling grid bumper car is the most classic and common dodgem car. For running the whole system, it needs to set up a ceiling grid and a special floor as the power polarities. All the electrical equipment need alternating current to supply.

3. Ground grid bumper cars

The ground grid bumper car ride is the second generation dodgem car. It does not require a ceiling grid but needs a floor powered grid. This kind of bumper car rides has a higher safety grade.

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Electric Net Dashing Car Rides in Beston Company

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How do electric bumper cars get power and how do bumper cars run?

There are three modes of electric bumper car power supplying system.

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Ground Net Bumper Cars for Sale

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New Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

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First: the conductive ceiling + conductive floor + hot rod system for the ceiling grid bumper cars

This kind of power supplying system is the most common and classic system which was very popular in the past decades. Each of the ceiling and floor contacts a power polarity which are separated. The hot rod plays a role as a conductive wire. A complete circuit will be formed if switch is on. It draws current from the ceiling grid through a hot rod and the current drives a motor in bumper car body. When the motor is activated, it drives wheels to rotate through a belt.

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Electric Bumper Cars in Beston

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Beston Electric Net Bumper Cars for Sale

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Second: the conductive floor system for the floor grid bumper cars

This is a newer bumper car ride power supplying system, it requires no ceiling grids and no hot rods, all we need to do is to set up a special floor. The special floor composes of three parts: one is the positive strips, one is the negative strips, the other one is the insulating spacers. This system uses alternating strips across the floor separated by insulating spacers. When brushes under the vehicle cover any two strips at any one time, the  complete circuit is formed. So it is easy to get clear that a floor grid bumper car draws power from the conductive floor, conductive brushes under the vehicles are setting properly to cover any two strips mounted opposite polarities. That ensures forming a complete circuit.

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Buy Electric Powered Fairground Dodgem Cars Cheap in Beston

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Third: the battery operated system for the battery operated bumper cars

With the development of battery technology, time for recharging the battery is shorter and shorter, so the battery operated system bumper cars appeared. Same as an e-bike, the battery is used as the dynamic device to supply power. The batteries are rechargeable and dischargeable. When the switch is on, devices in bumper car body forms a complete circuit.

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How to buy bumper cars at a lower price with higher quality

This is the most important thing concerns every customer. Now, I will teach you how to choose a high-safety grade bumper car ride for sale at a low price.

First of all, we need to check the car body of bumper car, the high-quality bumper car bodies are made of steel frames and high-strength FRP. As to any FRP diameter of 10 micron, the tensile strength is 3600 MPa, means that it can withstand 360 kg tensile force per square millimeter, two times more than the high strength steel. And the bumpers are made of rubber rings. If it is a inflatable bumper car, always use PVC material as its bumper. Then, the choices of the dynamic devices are crucial in bumper car rides. That can be divided into three categories but they all use electric motors. As for the battery bumper cars, you must make sure the battery is safe, rechargeable and high-quality.

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The last thing you should be careful with is that a excellent modern bumper car ride for sale always use digital and remote control.

We are the leading bumper car manufacturer–Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd. We are doing well in all the items above. We keep on developing all kinds of relative technologies of dodgem bumper car for sale.

Which electric bumper cars you love most?


1.The Beston battery bumper cars:

A battery powered bumper car is definitely different from a vintage dodgem bumper car, the complete circuit is in the car body. The battery is used as the dynamic device of the bumper car and it provides energy through the motor, gears and some chains to drive wheels to run. A remarkable point is that battery bumper cars own the feature of running onto nearly all kinds of grounds(wood ground,concrete ground etc) without special ceilings and floors. It is one of the most popular fairground dodgems for sale.


Beston cheap battery electric bumper cars for sale

Item Number: QLFS-BE1
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m
Color: can be customized
Power: 150W
Max speed: 6-10km/h
Body material: high strength steel and high strength FRP
Music: Mp3 or Hi-Fi
Capacity: 2 passengers
Control: remote control
Charge Time: 5-6hours
Use Time:8-10hours/charge
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battery powered car with remote control

Item Number: QLFS-BE3
Size: 1.92m * 1.15m * 0,83m
Material: PVC+FRP+steel
MP3: SD cards
Speed: 8km/h
Color: can be customized
Control: remote control
Diameter: 1.3m
Weight: 73kg
Load: 115kg
Battery: 12V 33A/H
Charger: 24V samrt charger
Accessories: LED lights

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bumper cars for kids for sale

Item Number: QLFS-BE2
Speed: 1.5m/s
Voltage & Power: 12V30A
Size: 1.15m*0.94*0.56m
Material: High-quality rubber and FRP
Weight: 45kg
Load: 80kg
Accessories: LED lights, battery, smart controller
Control: remote control
Color: can be customized
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battery operated bumper cars for sale
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Features of Beston battery operated bumper cars:

Three stage gear driving costs effective
Digital and remote control
Easy to operate and little maintenance
Body shapes and colors can be customized
Unique device to ensure quick start and quick stop
Multiple functions
Little demands for place

 2.The Beston electric ceiling grid bumper car rides:

Max and Harold Stoehrer invented the first bumper car ride which is the classic generation bumper car. They called it Dodgem. Then it became the most common dodgem car system by using a conductive floor and ceiling, each of them contacts a separate power polarity. Transformers in a electronic control cabinet adjust voltage to adapt to the running voltage. To form a complete circuit, the contacts under the vehicle keeps touching the floor while a pole mounted contact keeps touching the ceiling. Generally speaking, we call it a ceiling grid bumper car ride.


best selling ceiling grid bumper cars

Item Number: QLFS-CE

Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m
Load: 150kg
Color: can be customized
Power: 24V,230W
Max speed: 10km/h
Input: 3-phase 380V
Output: DC52V
Body material: Steel Frame,FRP shell
Music: Mp3 or Hi-Fi, high-fidelity speakers
Passengers: 1-2
Control: remote control
Romote Control distance:1-300m
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Features of Beston ceiling grid amusement park bumper cars:

Start fast and have a higher speed level
Spark tail is really a visual impact, shows more fun
Professional installment teams ensure safety
Reliable quality with lower price
Body shapes and colors can be customized

3.The Beston ground powered grid dodgem bumper cars:

As a new generation of dodgem cars for sale, the floor grid bumper cars rides use a newer method of electronic grid contacting. As the brief introduction above said: It does not require a ceiling grid but needs a floor powered grid. The two polarities are setting in the floor with alternating strips of metal separated by insulating spacers. It can be divided into two categories: rubber-bumper floor grid powered bumper cars and inflatable ground grid operated bumper cars.


The Beston rubber-bumper floor grid powered bumper cars for sale:

Electric dodgem car for sale

Item Number: QLFS-GE
Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m
Power: 350W
Color: can be customized
Music: MP3 or Hi-Fi
Load: 150kg
Material: FRP+steel
Speed: 11km/h
Battery: 15KVA
Control: remote control
Accessories: LED lights, controller
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The Beston inflatable battery powered bumper cars for sale:

inflatable bumper cars supplier

Item Number: QLFS-IBCAL
Weight: 75kg
Load: 118kg
Material: PVC+FRP+steel
MP3: SD cards/Hi-Fi
Speed: 9km/h
Color: can be customized
Control: remote control
Diameter: 1.3m
Accessories: LED lights
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Features of Beston floor power grid dodgem car:

High-quality conductive strips
We offer the unique floor-led system, make playing more fun
Remote and digital control
No special ceiling required
Fashionable shape
Body shapes and colors can be customized
The ground powered grid amusement park bumper cars for sale are the best sellers

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Applications of Beston electric bumper cars for sale:

The electric bumper cars for sale can be added at amusement parks, funfairs, even in the supermarkets. High Return for the investors.

If you have any question, contact us please. Beston Amusement Equipment Co,. Ltd is always here waiting for your cooperation. Customer FIRST is our OBLIGATION!


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