Electric dodgem car for sale

Every child has a dream–play with dodgem bumper cars all day.  According to the research of the most popular funfair ride in China, dodgem bumper car ranked 1st. As a professional bumper car manufacturer, Beston Amusement Equipment Com,. Ltd always aims at developing safety level, fun level and comfort level of electric dodgem car for children.

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The reasons you should choose Beston dodgem car for sale:

Quality and Price:

Beston has been a manufacturer of the cars for years, and our products have been used in amusement parks, funfairs and supermarkets for a very long time. Why are our products so popular? Because we supply high quality bumper cars at cheap prices. So if you are the one wanna buy bumper cars with reliable features, Choose Us!


Our fairground dodgems have the most strict safety settings to ensure customer’s safety, Beston designed all kinds of bumper cars with the highest safety grade in mind.

Environmental friendly:

Our dodgem rides cost effective, only little electric power wasted.

Remote controll:

This determines the Beston dodgem cars time preciously.

Applications of Beston dodgem bumper car:

The dodgems  can be added at amusement parks, funfairs, even in the supermarkets. High Return for the investors.


We offer the music and LED lights system to the customers who wanna buy the Beston dodgem bumper cars for free. MORE PRODUCTS and:

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