How are bumper cars powered

How are bumper cars powered? This is the question concerns many people who wanna buy bumper cars. Actually speaking, all the bumper cars are powered by electricity and there are three modes of electric bumper car power supplying system.

First: the conductive ceiling + conductive floor + hot rod system:

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This kind of power supplying system is the most common and classic system which was very popular in the past decades. Each of the ceiling and floor contacts a power polarity which are separated. The hot rod plays a role as a conductive wire. A complete circuit will be formed if switch is on.

Second: the conductive floor system:

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This is a newer bumper car ride power supplying system, it requires no ceiling grids and no hot rods, all we need to do is to set up a special floor. The special floor consists of three parts: one is the positive strips, one is the negative strips, the other one is the insulating spacers. This system uses alternating strips across the floor separated by insulating spacers. When brushes under the vehicle cover any two strips at any one time, the  complete circuit is formed.

Third: the battery operated system:

kiddie battery bumper cars for sale
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With the development of battery technology, time for recharging the battery is shorter and shorter, so the battery operated system bumper cars appeared. Same as an e-bike, the battery is used as the dynamic device to supply power.

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