How Do Electric Bumper Cars Work

At the funfair, we see many kids and adults are sitting in vehicles surrounded rubber or inflatable PVC, crashing into each other. How happy they are! Yes, they are enjoying the fun of amusement park bumper cars. But how do electric bumper cars work? Look at the answers below:

how are bumper cars working

We all know that all the bumper cars are powered by electricity by using three kinds of power supplying systems. A ceiling grid bumper car draws current from the ceiling grid through a hot rod and the current drives a motor in bumper car body. When the motor is activated, it drives wheels to rotate through a belt.

A floor grid bumper car draws power from the conductive floor, conductive brushes under the vehicles setting properly to cover any two strips mounted opposite polarities. That ensures to form a complete circuit.

A battery powered bumper car is powered by batteries inside the car, the batteries are rechargeable and dischargeable. When the switch is on, devices in bumper car body forms a complete circuit.

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