How Much Do Bumper Cars Weigh

Many people have asked me: how much does a bumper car weigh? The answers are not complicated. According to the types of electric bumper cars, this question should be treated as a specialized discussion. Generally speaking, the answer can be divided into five parts:

For a ceiling grid bumper car:

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A ceiling grid bumper car’s weight mainly includes the weight of chassis, motor, car body and a hot rod, the total weight is 200kg-300kg around.

For a ground grid bumper car:

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The weight of a ground grid bumper car mainly consists of weight of chassis and motor and car body. All of these accounts for about 85% of total weight. The total weight is about 100kg-200kg around.

For a battery powered rubber-bumper bumper car:

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As the limitation of battery technology in the world, batteries for cars own lots of weight, so the total weight of a battery operated rubber-bumper bumper car mainly consists of the battery’s(batteries’) weight and the weight of car body made of FRP. The total weight is nearly 50kg-100kg around

For a battery powered inflatable bumper car:

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Same as a battery powered rubber-bumper bumper car.

For a kiddie bumper car:

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A kiddie bumper car is much more lighter than an adult bumper car ride, such as a ground grid kiddie bumper car weighs 100kg-150kg around, a  ceiling grid kiddie bumper car weighs 100kg-200kg, a battery operated bumper car weighs 50kg-100kg.

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