Laser Tag Bumper Cars for Sale

Laser tag bumper cars are a kind of special bumper car rides and it is popular and welcomed by almost all kids. Laser bumper car is also called laser battle bumper cars or laser shooting fighting bumper cars. It belongs to the battery powered bumper cars and can be widely seen in amusement and theme parks, squares, indoor and outdoor playground, family entertainment center, and so on. Beston company, the professional bumper car manufacturer, supplies the laser tag bumper cars for sale with the excellent quality and affordable prices! Beston laser bumper car is famous for its long life, power saving, lower maintenance and strong power. Feel free to contact Beston to receive more product details!

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BAR-LBC Beston Laser Bumper Cars for Sale

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Why laser bumper car rides are so welcomed by kids?

The kids laser bumper cars can move back and forth, spin 360 degree and have a laser shooting gun. There are two joysticks installed on both sides of this bumper cars to control the 360 degree rotation. And at the same time, riders can turn the right-joystick left to make the gun shoot laser. Once a bumper car is hit, it will spin around at the spot for three seconds. During the first to ninth hits, the car will make a sound “I am hit”. At the same time, riders will feel the shake of seats and the light will also flash. At the tenth hit, the laser bumper car will stop and spin around.

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BAR-JG1 Laser Tag Bumper Cars in Beston

Model: BAR-JG1
Product: Laser Bumper Cars
Size: 140cm*131*71cm
Material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
Product Weight: about 65kg (include battery)
Power: 50HZ
Application: parks, playground, square, malls, etc.
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When bumper cars are hit, it will make a sound, the seat will shake and the LED light will flash! Playing on the laser tag bumper cars will be much more interactive, very exciting, more thrilling and interesting! Beston manufactures and supplies this kind bumper cars with shooting guns with premium quality and guaranteed prices. Planning to expand your amusement business and earn more money? Please do not hesitate to contact Beston amusement for various bumper cars!
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Beston Laser Tag Fairground Dodgem Cars for sale

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Buy Laser Bumper Car Rides in Beston

Which kind of bumper car are you interested in?

Laser Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Laser bumper cars is mainly composed of superior quality integrated seamless fiberglass body design, bumper car seat, high elastic rubber, and laser light. All parts of Beston bumper cars combine with each other perfectly, make it more interesting! Because of the automobile grade sticker design plus the unique external design, the laser tag bumper car can bring more visual impact. According to its names, we can know that the laser bumper cars are an interactive rides. Riders on this bumper cars will interact with each other, especially kids and their parents, and family members. They can experience a different feelings they never have before.

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BAR-JG2 Beston Laser Bumper Cars in the Factory

Model: BAR-JG2
Product: Laser Bumper Cars
Size: 140cm*131*71cm
Material: FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
Product Weight: about 65kg (include battery)
Power: 50HZ
Application: parks, playground, square, malls, etc.
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Details of Laser Tag Bumper Car Rides

  1. Material: steel frame, fiber glass body and PVC air ring.
  2. Color: different colors of fiber glass and air rings.
  3. Running time: continuous use for 6-7 hours with full charging.
  4. Control system: laser battle system, remote control, one remote can control ten sets of cars at the same time.
  5. Remote control and easy operation, which is labor saving and time saving.
  6. Riders can join in the laser combat and the bumper car will shake and spin when it is hit.
  7. Riders can interact with each other, which make them have a strong sense of participation.
  8. It has the function of timing, counting, lighting and music, which can meet the demand of
    different investors.
  9. In order to improve the safety of riders, riders on Beston laser bumper cars can lock the seat belt around the safety buckle and adjust the safety belt to the comfortable length.
  10. The long battery endurance life. There is no need to worry about the interruption of power on the way.
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Yellow Laser Tag Bumper Cars for sale in Beston

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Beston Laser Tag Bumper Cars with Led Lights

Looking for to buy quality laser bumper Cars?

Laser Tag Bumper Car Manufacturer – Beston Company:

  • Complete Function: the function is set completely, which is easier to manage for small business or chain scale.
  • Reliable Quality: Beston Group is capable of independent research, development, and design. The Standardized production can bring up the first class product quality of different Beston amusement park equipment.
  • High cost-effective: Beston laser bumper car brings high and quick return by less investment. The investment of amusement rides with excellent quality and cheaper prices can make your business or investment easier.
  • Attractive appearance: delicate design, the cute and popular cartoon character and different colors to choose from.
  • Flexible operation: the laser bumper cars are easy and simple to operate and very interesting!

Nowadays, the amusement bumper car rides are so popular and you can see it everywhere. And different bumper cars can entertain both kids and adults in amusement and theme parks, squares, playground, malls, etc.. It is not difficult to find that the benefits a bumper car can bring are considerable. Therefore, how to choose the bumper cars or other amusement park rides to make your entertainment center more welcomed? Please check out to Beston to get a prospect plan or future for your business! All sales manager in Beston group is ready to help you!


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