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The traditional bumper cars has not fully meet the market need for the diversity of bumper cars. Especially for the children types, the traditional adult dodgem for sale is not safe for children. As the time required, the mini bumper car as a supplement to the bumper car market emerged. Strictly speaking, the mini bumper car for sale is a kind of children’s dodgem cars.

Beston, as a leading amusement bumper car manufacturer, always focus on developing the high-quality bumper cars, please check the classification of our company newly developed mini bumper cars below:

Mini bumper cars for sale are divided into two categories: inflatable mini bumper cars, rubber-bumper mini bumper cars

The inflatable mini bumper cars use PVC material as its bumper, rubber-bumper mini bumper cars use high-strength rubber as its bumper, they are high-safety, battery powered, also have unique appearances. The high strength seats are made of FRP materials and suitable for all kinds of grounds.

Applications of Beston electric mini bumper cars for sale:

The electric mini bumper cars can be added at amusement parks, funfairs, even in the supermarkets. High Return for the investors.

Features of Beston  mini bumper cars for sale:

1. Seats are very comfortable for children
2. High security level
3. Environmental protection product
4. Low price
5. Low power cost
6. Easy to operate
7. Multiple functions
8. Remote control


Inflatable battery mini bumper car for sale:

Item Number: QLFS-IM

Diameter: 1.3m
Battery: 12V 33A/H
Charger: 24V samrt charger
Weight: 63kg
Load: 100kg
Material: PVC+FRP
MP3: SD cards
Speed: 6km/h
Color: can be customized
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Inflatable floor grid powered mini bumper car for sale:

inflatable bumper cars supplier

Item Number: QLFS-GGIK

Weight: 73kg
Load: 115kg
Material: PVC+FRP+steel
MP3: SD cards/Hi-Fi
Speed: 8km/h
Color: can be customized
Control: remote control
Diameter: 1.3m
Accessories: LED lights
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rubber-bumper battery mini bumper car for sale:

mini bumper car dodgem salesItem Number: QLFS-RMBE

Size: 1.95m*1.15m*0.96m
Power: 350W
Color: can be customized
Music: MP3 or Hi-Fi
Load: 150kg
Material: FRP+steel
Speed: 11km/h
Battery: 15KVA
Control: remote control
Accessories: LED lights, controller
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Beston cheap battery mini bumper cars for sale with high quality

Item Number: QLFS-RMBC

Speed: 1.1m/s
Voltage & Power: 12V20A
Size: 1.0m*1.1m*0.66m
Material: High-quality rubber and FRP
Weight: 52kg
Load: 120kg
Accessories: LED lights, battery, smart controller
Control: remote control
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rubber-bumper floor powered grid mini bumper car for sale:

Beston cheap ground powered grid bumper cars sales in ChinaItem Number: QLFS-RMF

Lenght: 1.7m
Width: 0.95m
Power: 350W
Material: FRP+steel
Speed: 10km/h
Load: 150kg
Color: can be customized
Control: remote control
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