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The first bumper car ride was called Dodgem which was invented by Max and Harold Stoehrer. These rides that allowed people to bump into each other were so popular that others decided to get in on the action. In 1922 the Lusses filed their first patent for a bumper car. Over the years, they filed a total of 9 patents for bumper cars, they called them, Lusse Skooters.

Today, the first generation dodgem’s classic appearance still cause majority of the vintage bumper car enthusiasts’ interest.

As the top bumper car manufacturer, Beston dedicated to provide customers the best-quality service, including the appearance customization of vintage bumper car , we can manufacture all kinds of bumper car with different power supply modes , setting any shapes and appearances you want.

Applications of Beston antique bumper cars:

For collection or refitting.

Features of Beston vintage bumper cars for sale:

1. Very safe, can not cause any accidents if you follow the details
2. Low price and high quality
3. Easy to operate and maintain
4. Low power cost
5. Stable performance


dodgem bumper cars for saleItem Number: QLFS-AV

If you want to add some special symbols on car body or change the car body shape to be what you want it to be, please give us a early notification.

1. Size: 1.60m*0.9m*0.8m
2. Voltage: DC24V
3. Max speed: 10km/h
4. Power: 230W
5. Passenger: 1
6. Color: can be customized
7. Operation time: adjustable
8. Weight: 150kg
9. Capacity: 150kg
10. Material: FRP+steel
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